ENDORSED: Buncombe County Action Club


(Permission is granted for all bloggers, websites and print/broadcast media to reprint this urgent press release.)

FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: August 12, 2008

Background: Paul Purdue has received the endorsement of the Buncombe County Action Club

Dear Mr. Paul Purdue:

The Buncombe County Action Club members compliment you on your decision to run for North Carolina District 115 State Representative. Your personal experience and broad research background of the total immigration issue in North Carolina will bring you to be the most knowledgeable in the North Carolina House of Representatives when you are elected.

Immigration is a complex issue for everyone and is an area that our organization has been actively involved within for several years. Our experience is at your disposal. We most heartily endorse your candidacy and sincerely hope that you include our members in the long list of District 115 voters that are rallying in you support.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Kathie Lack

Action Club President

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.


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