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FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: September 26, 2008

Background: Paul Purdue outlines a plan to reduce state spending.

Paul Purdue stated the following in reference to out of control spending in North Carolina - "I think the time for debating the finepoints of our state budget has long passed."

"Let me simply say that if we are to move forward as a state and a nation we have to start considering our limitations. We cannot attempt to be all things to all people. We can't make promises we can't afford to fund. And we can't act like business as usual will suffice. We've seen the results of that in our national markets."

"My plan for North Carolina is one of greater focus."

"I plan to offer up legislation that will restrict state funds to be expended first and foremost on the most crucial needs:"

"1. Education - We should fund vouchers, charter schools and alternatives to failed public education to induce competition. Once we break up the monopoly of forcing consumer parents to send their children where they are told, instead of making an intelligent choice, we will find that raw competition alone will aid the improvement in schools that we desire for our children. We need to reward teachers on merit, instead of longevity, which is meaningless. We need to create more teaching positions and cut down as many administrative posts as possible. Also, administrators should not be earning more than many company CEOs. The layers of bureaucracy add nothing to the value presented."

"2. Roads - We once had the finest roads in the nation. And now we are a disgrace. For years, liberal Governors and the Democratically controlled legislature has raided $170 million every year out of the highway trust fund of the tax intended to pay for road improvements. That's why we have no money for roads and bridges or expansions. This vital part of our transportation infrastructure is being ignore in favor of gimmicks, pet projects and silly expenses. Cut them out. Make the road fund secure so only road funds can be used on roads. Then fix them."

"3. Public Safety - With the pressure added to the budget, schools, hospitals, housing, and every sector from a crush of illegal aliens we need to get serious like other states and deport them. Get them out of our budget considerations. Cut off all funds to any person unable to demonstrate citizenship. I did it the right way, so can they. That's not racist. That's survival. We cannot continue to add 30% or more to government agencies to pay for those who should not even be here. We will find that the stretched resources of our DAs, police, jails, fire departments and other entities become viable again. Schools will also benefit greatly from decreased pressure. We spend more in this country on imprisoning violent illegal alien offenders than we do on the war on terror. People complain about budgets yet they fail to see the budget busting problem right in front of them. "

"4. Healthcare - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or an extra two billion dollars in a budget. We need to get serious about making affordable healthcare available to all and that starts with removing regulations which halt competition in the insurance industry. Right now, a handful of companies provide all the coverage and policies in various regions and they require those policies be laden with items most people NEVER use. If you subtract substance addition, mental health and in vitro fertilization from the required coverage, for example, we could reduce policy costs by 40%. Take away more elective expenses and we could have basic catastrophic coverage for all citizens, and a wellness program to boot. To make sure children most at risk, single moms, and others unable to care for themselves have access."

"5. Energy Development - It's time for North Carolina to drill its own oil for its own people. Let's build a coalition of private investment and some public financing to encourage some REAL job growth and prevent future energy nightmares for our region. Drill off our coast, sell those leases now, And induce companies to build refineries here. Build a pipeline as in Alaska. From the shore to the mountains. Create a petroleum reserve in the mountains to feed the whole region as needed. Let's promote responsible development of our own resources now that we have this chance. After 26 years of halted development it is time to take control of our destiny. And while we are at it, let's become the leader in green energy development too. We can encourage manufacturing again for a host of industries like solar, wind, and others. There's an investment WORTH our tax dollars."

"6. Eliminate most everything else. And do it without prejudice or judgment. If counties want to build arenas, or horse parks, or a teapot museum - or a district representative just has to have some arts foundation funded for their home town, then I have a wonderful suggestion to them all - get the money privately. The public of this state does NOT benefit from every attraction you seek to fund. Most will never attend these places. The Randy Parton Theatre is a prime example of millions wasted at taxpayer expense. Since when does our state Constitution require the citizenry to promote country music bands? The people who buy tickets, the boards who support them, and the communities that seek them need to fund them with their own private money. Stop asking the state to grant you taxpayer dollars for every useless program you can imagine."

"Just tell them, we're on a diet. They'll understand. The good ideas will flourish, and the bad ones will disappear."

"Following this prescription we will be able to eliminate the vacant land tax, the property transfer tax, the water meters, forced annexation, the temporary sales taxes, and so many other taxes, fees and impositions on your personal budgets. With sane spending we can even lower the income tax rates."

This election Go Green! Get some common sense and VOTE PAUL PURDUE.

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.

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