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FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: September 26, 2008

Background: Paul Purdue comments on solutions to our situation.

THE GAS CRISIS Today, in light of the current gas shortages in western North Carolina and the continued price rises, Paul Purdue, NC State House candidate for District 115, called on the government for emergency relief.

Paul Purdue related, "Please drive less. This crisis is more a problem with distribution than anything else but foreshadows what could happen to our lives if we don't begin work now. In order to increase supply to its maximum potential and impact consumers the least I have other suggestions for the state that follow."

Purdue commented, "Not only do we need to abolish the gas tax collection for the time being, we need to remove the restrictions on formulation and other regulations which stop our area from getting needed gasoline and diesel fuel. We are just about bone dry."

"If my opponent and this state government, which are both lacking in so many ways, focused on the needs of the people we wouldn't be in this mess. They knew that the restrictions would cause shortages or complete exhaustion of supplies when they were in session! We need an emergency session."

"People can't get to work, do their jobs. They can't go to the grocery store without worrying about getting home. Schools will run out, and won't be able to use buses. This is a CRISIS. Where the heck are our representatives now?"

In a recent mailer report on the 2008 legislative session, current Democrat State Rep. Bruce Goforth states he is "helping North Carolina families", by "maintaining a cap on the state's gasoline tax", and "increasing state government's energy efficiency".

Paul Purdue reviewed the piece and stated, "This is ridiculous. How does changing to fluorescent light bulbs or running buses on natural gas in Raleigh have ANYTHING to do with our plight? Goforth claims he "lowered taxes" and "capped the gas tax". The first claim is untrue since our budget has risen by a billion dollars every year he's been in office, and the second claim is ludicrous for the fact that we HAVE NO GAS TO TAX! Capping a gas tax is not even a Band-Aid. What was Bruce Goforth thinking?"

"I am sure all the families around here love getting junk mail talking about how hard Goforth worked for them. Apparently, that wasn't enough. Because we are all going to be bankrupt in short order from higher prices and the inability to get anywhere!"

In a recent statement one of the Governor's aides held that the gas shortage is "not our problem."

Purdue continued, "We need visionaries in office, not glad-handers who peddle old rhetoric. We need to move forward and get ahead of the curve now so this never happens again."

Paul Purdue joins with Senators Burr and Dole to immediately promote the following solutions to such future crises as the one we are experiencing now:
1. Now that the US Congress has let the moratorium of 25 years lapse, we must drill for oil and gas off the North Carolina coast.
2. I agree we need create incentives to encourage construction of oil refineries in eastern North Carolina as proposed by Buncombe County commision candidate Don Yelton.
3. And we need to create a petroleum reserve and pipeline in western North Carolina, where the oil companies will pay the gas tax from their royalties.

This will also be a great opportunity to create the environment for growing high paying jobs we desperately need in this state.

"Our campaign believes it is time for a change. We need to bring common sense to Raleigh. We are running out of options here."

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.

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