Bruce Goforth Confronts Paul Purdue In Public Over The Transfer Tax
Goforth Falsely Accuses Purdue Of Lying!


(Permission is granted for all bloggers, websites and print/broadcast media to reprint this urgent press release.)

FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: June 28, 2008

Background: Bruce Goforth claims the report about his transfer tax vote is in error. It is not. He voted to keep an amendment eliminating the tax from coming up for discussion.

Rep. Bruce Goforth publicly stated, "the Paul Stam amendment (which would have eliminated the transfer tax) was 'illegal' on the floor by the rules."

So everyone understands, the amendment was not illegal, the move to introduce it was claimed to be illegal. It is perfectly legal, it just doesn't fit with the order of rules made by the Democrats, who traditionally lock out any attempt to halt legislation which imposes higher taxes on families. This underhanded tactic is used constantly to shut down any Conservative attempt to halt higher taxes.

The "rules" that Bruce Goforth refer to were created by and are overseen by the Democrats. There is no Republican input. If Bruce Goforth wanted to vote for the amendment to eliminate the transfer tax, all he had to do was ask to suspend the rules, rules he help create. Instead, he hid behind the rules the Democratic party created, of which he is a high-ranking member, so the amendment could never see the light of day.

Paul Purdue commented, "I saw Bruce in a restaurant today so I went over and shook his hand. I didn't expect to be verbally assaulted in such a disrespectful manner. I made a gesture of friendship and was rebuked in front of the voters. We have kept our focus on Bruce's record. I've never personally attacked the man. We will continue to act with common courtesy even if Mr. Goforth cannot control his rage."

If you want to vote for something you have to work for it. This is just another example of Bruce Goforth going along with pack, refusing to listen to his constituents and actively work on their behalf. He simply tows the party line.

Today, Bruce Goforth also publicly accused Paul Purdue of "telling lies". That Paul Purdue somehow "distorted my (Goforth's) record." It is not our responsibility to explain the contradictions in Bruce's voting record. We leave that for him to do.

Since the report issued by this committee is based on the open newspaper record of what transpired in the House of Representatives of the North Carolina state legislature, we stand by the original report. Any refutation that Bruce Goforth is actually in favor of eliminating the transfer tax, runs counter to his actual voting record. You cannot state that you oppose a law, then work in favor of its passage.

After the confrontation, Paul Purdue offered to post Goforth's response on this website. Bruce Goforth said he would "respond myself!" We want voters to know we made the offer in a friendly manner. The offer remains open for Mr. Goforth to respond to our postings, because we have nothing to hide.

It is time for Goforth to come clean about his real record. Elect Paul Purdue. Purdue will act on the needs of his district rather than the needs of the government power structure.

Purdue acts in a mature manner and won't play fast with the rules to hide his intentions.

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.

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