Rep. Bruce Goforth To ALLOW ILLEGAL ALIENS To Steal College Entry From Lawful Citizens!


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FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: June 21, 2008

Background: Bruce Goforth, on the House Committee on Education, has the opportunity to keep illegals from stealing spots in college which should be reserved for rightful citizens.

The House Standing Committee On Education Membership Roster

Paul Purdue, Candidate for NC House 115, is opposed to NC House bill 2717 and recently commented:

"Illegal aliens should not receive access to NC Community Colleges or public universities. Because college is a selection process, for every illegal alien allowed into our colleges, one North Carolina citizen student or American student will not get to go to college. Our NC Community Colleges are in place to help citizens of North Carolina get a better education and job skills, not to train illegal aliens to take jobs from North Carolina citizens."

"If this Bill gets though Bruce Goforth's committee, it demonstrates he is in favor of illegal aliens taking a rightful place from a North Carolina citizen!"

On the subject of immigration enforcement, Paul Purdue, a new American citizen states:

"As an adjunct to enforce existing immigration laws, I am in favor of requiring companies doing business with the State of North Carolina to use the federal government's E-Verify system to make sure businesses are only hiring legal U.S. residents."

It is time to tell Goforth to go home. Elect Paul Purdue. He'll DO what's right!

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.

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