Bruce Goforth Has The LOWEST Environmental Score In The State


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FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: June 24, 2008

Background: The statewide report was released and demonstrates Bruce Goforth has completely failed to represent our environmental needs.

In support of Paul Purdue's campaign a very important report was issued by Environment North Carolina.

The report delineated how all State Representatives ranked in regards to safeguarding our resources. Paul's opponent, Rep. Bruce Goforth, D-Buncombe county, had the lowest score of ANYONE in the North Carolina House or Senate. He scored only 20% on issues such as restricting landfills, promoting solar power and removing incentives for coal and nuclear plants. Most representatives managed fairly good scores, showing they do care about our state's natural condition. And all of them scored better than Mr. Goforth.

Paul Purdue commented, "This should indicate to voters that just because Bruce calls himself an environmentalist does not make him one. Bruce Goforth touts his credentials, yet the independent group's audit proves he has none when it comes to the environment."

Paul Purdue believes that good government and a positive attitude towards business are in keeping with supporting a healthy environment.

Purdue stated, "If we get the disparate elements working together we can find solutions to our problems that satisfy those who care about the land, and those who need to grow their businesses. This is not an either or scenario. We need to exhibit some more common sense."

It is time for Goforth to Go Home.
Go GREEN and Vote for Paul Purdue.

Paul Purdue understands the issue we care about in Western North Carolina and will use his position to be a positive influence on the state and his district.

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.

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