Paul Purdue jokes with the homeless veterans at the ABCCM shelter at dinner served by the Blue Star Mothers.



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FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: August 14, 2008

Background: Past and recent polling suggest Paul quickly gaining on and within striking distance of overtaking Representative Bruce Goforth!

When newly minted US citizen and Fairview resident Paul Purdue threw his hat in the ring he did so against a formidable opponent who is an entrenched figure in the Democratic leadership of the North Carolina State House for District 115, Representative Bruce Goforth. He also did it in an atmosphere where many voters are leaning Democratic and in a district not known for supporting conservative values.

That is what makes the MOST RECENT poll results of 220 likely voters in the district this past week even more shocking.

When Paul started the race he had little name recognition, and his opponent has a large war chest of funds he garnered by cuddling up to now convicted former Speaker of the House, Democrat Jim Black.

Paul Purdue has made solid inroads into the former Democratic stronghold. His first poll results of nearly 180 likely voters simply asked the same question as now: Do you favor Paul Purdue or Bruce Goforth or are you undecided in the upcoming state house race for your district? We interchanged the names equally to give no weight to the order asked.

The first poll (June 2008) indicated Purdue received support from 38% of the electorate. His opponent, Goforth had a substantial 51% at that time.

This most recent poll has shown a great shift. In addition to receiving phone calls and contributions of support from Democrats (even though Paul Purdue is running as a Republican), his poll numbers have increased greatly.

Currently, Purdue has the support of 46% of the voters, whereas Goforth has dropped to 49% with the remainder undecided.

With the bulk of his campaign yet to be launched, Paul Purdue has closed the gap to within a statisical margin of error!

When asked for a comment Paul stated, "I've been doing exactly what I set out to do when this began. I've been going out and unapologetically meeting with the voters and explaining my positions, many times one on one. I've always had a gift for gab, possibly my Irish heritage, so I just openly and honestly talk about where I stand. Often, the people I speak to, whether Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal don't disagree with me. I take a common sense approach to issues that I feel BEST represents the taxpaying families of our district. I don't really care what the PACs, or the state lobbyists want. They are truly irrelevant in my mind, and when enough of the elected officials start treating them as such, we will sweep away the old ways of corruption and the dog and pony shows that my opponent has engaged in all these years."

"America has said it's time for a change. Well, I am that change for this part of North Carolina. I invite everyone to read my positions at and see if they agree with me."

"As for polls and numbers, they are good for writing news stories but the real poll is the one each voter takes in their own heart this year. They need to ask themselves, should I blindly support someone based on party? Or should I vote for a real man who has the courage of his convictions and isn't afraid to stand up for us?"

"That's who I am and what I'll do. Campaiging is very easy when your message is very simple. What I say is what I'll do. That's it. My opponent cannot say that because his record shows he is all over the map on issues. You can't change the past, but together we can have a much better future. Thank you."

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.

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