Paul Purdue takes determined aim at onerous taxes on a recent trip to the gun range.



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FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: September 26, 2008

Background: Paul Purdue ties Bruce Goforth!

The results of our latest inhouse poll are in and Paul Purdue is now tied with Representative Bruce Goforth. Both the incumbent and Paul have received 48% in a recently conducted phone poll of likely voters.

Paul Purdue comments, "I have been doing what I set out to do when this started. I am a common sense person who owns a small business. I have gone to each small town in my district, met with families, or literally anyone who wanted to talk. I participated in the listening tour, and met with constituents at diners, at barbeques, in parks and at protests. I feel very comfortable talking with people. It comes naturally for me I guess. The other thing that really helps is that the issues I am passionate about come from my heart. I have no doubts about my positions, and neither do the people I meet every day."

Paul Purdue has taken both traditionally conservative positions and some more progressive ones on various issues.

Purdue adds, "Perhaps that's why people are coming to support me from every political stance. They recognize something in me that they see in themselves. I am their neighbor, their friend or relative, someone they can trust to do the right thing. None of those voting for me hold all conservative or all progressive positions. We are all a balance. Maybe its time we elected people who reflect ourselves."

"Some of my stances are not the most popular with everybody, but when I explain the logic, most people seem to understand and respect my ideas. You see, in order to achieve our goals of lower taxes, better schools and improved healthcare, you can't just talk about how great a job you are doing, as my opponent has done, you actually have to do something positive."

Rep. Bruce Goforth has pointed to his failed policies and made claims of having solved problems for North Carolina's families. Unfortunately, our campaign has a different view. We see the claims he makes and have to point out the deficiencies.

When have you ever known the government to voluntarily eliminate a tax? Goforth claims he worked to "lower taxes". You cannot lower taxes without reducing spending. Under Bruce Goforth our state budget has increased by more than a billion dollars every year for six years. That is nearly a 31% increase and with it came more taxes. Not just direct income taxes, but new and very incidious taxes.

Purdue stated, "Mr. Goforth took what was a billion dollar budget surplus and collaborated with men under suspicion of corruption and fraud to craft a budget that not only wiped out the surplus but also gave us another billion dollars in new taxes. For what? The budget still has all the accumulated garbage the Democratic party has peddled as "helping families" it always had and more."

"The latest nightmare is this property transfer tax. The words seem innocent but when you break it down to the truth you soon realize it could devastate us all. It is a hidden, patient tax. You don't think about it until you go to sell your home, or your business. Today, they proposed just a percent. That's how it always starts. Then another percent here and there. Before you know it they take 20%, 30% or more of every bit of equity. Add that to sales commissions and after raising your family in your home of 25 years, or working hard to build equity in a business and retire, you are hit with the biggest, most offensive tax bill of your life. Think carefully what this means. If enacted and allowed, you would literally face losing everything. A small business that has earned half a million dollars in assets after 25 years, gets sold and the owner losses almost all his profit. The homeowner, after 25 years, sees property value go if he is lucky, then the state or county step in and take his equity savings. To a lot of folks, it is that equity they were counting on to retire at all. I tell you this is the worst tax idea ever. Don't believe me? Look at Europe where it has been used as "the Stamp Duty", VAT and other codenames for example. They take 30% in taxes of everything you own when you sell. That is truly communism."

"I've talked to the local families. None of them feel the state has helped their situation. If anything, they've lost jobs that won't be replaced, seen a decline in their healthcare with emergency rooms packed with illegal aliens, had their schools go underfunded while lottery funds are touted as some cure all, and watched the roads around them crumble, especially with the abundant rain in the mountains this spring."

"Bruce Goforth is as much a washout as those gulleys we try to avoid. I am not trying to assail the man but his philosophy of following a corrupt Raleigh Democratic party leadership has lead us to the edge of disaster. We cannot tax ourselves out of this predicament. We have to act wisely and judiciously. And I don't have confidence that he has those qualities. That's why I'm running for office."

It should be noted that the poll results alone don't reflect the power of Paul Purdue's campaign to date. Paul has spent less than $2,000 to Representative Goforth's war chest of an estimated $250,000.

Purdue states, "He can outspend us 50 or 100 to one. It won't matter. The people get to decide and so far, they're on my side."

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.

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