ENDORSED: Former Representative John Rhodes


(Permission is granted for all bloggers, websites and print/broadcast media to reprint this urgent press release.)

FROM: The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue
DATE: July 22, 2008

Background: Paul Purdue has received the endorsement of corruption fighter Rep. John Rhodes!

"I heartily endorse Paul Purdue, currently running for the North Carolina House District 115 in the Fairview area near Asheville. I do so because he has the candid, can do spirit and is in my estimation an honest and forthright man. He is willing to stand up to the corruption and fight for his district, his neighbors and this state as a whole. He will do what is right for the people, not just what is politically expedient."

"I therefore urge every true patriot who cares about justice and truth to stand with Paul, vote for Paul Purdue, and make your voice known this November that you will not allow the current "go along to get along" crowd in Raleigh to go unchecked."

- John Rhodes

Former N.C. House Representative

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.


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